Committee Chair Positions Available for the 2019 – 2021 CULYP Executive Leadership Team


The National Urban League movement began with talented and passionate young people looking for an opportunity to make a difference. Your opportunity to continue that legacy as well as start your own begins now. CULYP is looking for a very talented pool of young professionals to help in leading this movement.

Opportunities for leadership for the CULYP 2019 – 2021 Executive Leadership Team are now available.


Applications for Committee Chair Positions will be open Monday October 22nd – Friday November 2nd, 2018.

We hope that you consider taking on a leadership role to help CULYP continue to move from success to significance.  


To be eligible be to apply for any leadership role within CULYP, any applicant must be a current, paid and active member of CULYP.

CULYP Standing Committees include: Community Service, Civic Engagement, Development, Education, Social & Cultural Events, Marketing, Membership, and Personal & Professional Development.


Committee Chair Appointments

The President of CULYP appoints all Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and the Ad Hoc Committees. Each chairperson and committee member must be an active member of the CULYP in good standing.


Terms of Office

All appointed chairpersons shall serve for a term of two (2) years, except in the event of his/her written resignation, removal, or early termination.


The term of two years for appointed chairpersons shall take effect in January 1, 2019.

Selection Process & Timeline

·       Step One:  Complete the leadership application which can be accessed here . All applications must be submitted no later than Friday Nov 2nd by 11:59pm.

Upon completion of the leadership application, please submit your headshot, resume and a brief bio to no later than Friday Nov 2nd by 11:59pm.

·       Step Two: Select a day and time to participate in an in-person interview with the CULYP Officers. The available dates and times for an interview will be provided to you upon completion of your application. In-person interviews will take place Nov 5th – 16th, 2018.

·       Step Three: All applicants selected for Committee Chair Positions will be notified the Week of Nov 19th, 2018.

·       Step Four: New CULYP Committee Chairs will be announced at the CULYP General Body Meeting on Thursday Nov 29th, 2018.


For any questions, please email


CULYP Committee Chair Positions Descriptions



Community Service Committee

The Community Service committee is committed to supporting the Columbus Urban League’s service initiatives by connecting young professionals to volunteer opportunities at the Urban League as well as serving as a hub for members to learn about other service opportunities within the local community. Service opportunities include but are not limited to: education and youth empowerment, economic empowerment, health and quality of life empowerment, civic engagement, and civil rights & racial justice empowerment.


Civic Engagement Committee

The Civic Engagement committee leads in coordinating all organizational efforts to increase civic knowledge, participation and activism. The civic engagement committee is charged to encourage young professionals to participate in civic engagement activities and initiatives, to engage in local politics and with local elected officials, and to stay informed on the legislative agenda of the National Urban League and National Urban League Young Professionals.


Development Committee

This committee is responsible for planning fundraisers, special events, as well as social and networking activities.  This committee will also be responsible for building relationships with employers to identify opportunities for fundraising and in-kind donations.  This committee is responsible for identifying sponsors for CULYP and will work closely with the CUL's Director of Development to ensure that all fundraising activities are approved by the local affiliate.


Social & Cultural Events Committee

The Social & Cultural Events committee leads in developing and coordinating unique opportunities for Young Professionals to meet and share experiences within the Greater Columbus community, such as parties, networking events, and much more. This committee is charged to actively seek venues in the Columbus area and beyond that speak to the tastes of our membership and managing all event logistics.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of young professionals interested in joining the Columbus Urban League Young Professionals. We are committed to growing an engaged membership through new membership orientations, benefit packages, member appreciation events, and continuous communication to foster the morale of the organization.


Personal & Professional Development Committee

Lead by the Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Chair, the PPD Committee empowers the CULYP members to lead fulfilling careers and lives. We believe that the first step in strengthening our communities is by relying on each other to provide the knowledge and assistance necessary to prosper in our endeavors. The PPD Committee is charged with developing and identifying an array of both personal and professional workshops and topics that will help members to achieve professional and personal goals.


Marketing Committee

Lead by the Marketing Chairs, the Marketing Committee leads all communication and marketing efforts of the CULYP. This committee is responsible for maintaining the CULYP’s web presence, implementing technology strategies to advance the organization, and managing the external image and brand of the organization including the CULYP website, e-newsletter, social media properties, media relations, and regular e-mail updates to members and partners.


Education and Youth Committee

The goal of The Columbus Urban League Education and Youth Services Initiative is to provide many services designed to increase academic achievement and enhance life-skills and leadership development. Acknowledging that today’s colleges students are the next level of young professionals, it is the goal of the Education & Youth Committee to actively engage this young talent base in the work of the Columbus Urban League. Working with the many local colleges and universities in the greater Columbus region, this committee strives to work with the undergraduate, graduate, and professional student bodies to build community ambassadors and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the Columbus Urban League and these institutions.


For any questions, please email