Greg Glasser (1).jpg

Greg Glasser, Digital Specialists for Dispatch Media Group

Hometown: Upper Arlington, Ohio

Alma Mater/Area of Study: Ohio University/Broadcast Journalism

Why Did You Join CULYP? 

I'm ultimately passionate about growing the experiences in Columbus and uplifting our communities. CULYP does an excellent job of accomplishing both.

Quote to Live By or Your Personal Tagline

Trust The Process

What is Your Favorite Thing To Do or Favorite Place to go in Columbus?

Everyone should know by now that Columbus is a great food town. I enjoy trying new restaurants all over the city. When it comes to nightlife, I like to go where the music is and each weekend there's usually a good DJ event or live music going on.

What Book Are You Currently Reading or What is Currently on Your Playlist?

Book: "They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us" by Columbus' own Hanif Abdurraqib. READ THAT. Playlist: I'm enjoying the Black Panther soundtrack.

What is the Best Piece of Career Advice You Have Ever Received?

Always treat people well and with respect. You never know when that person or relationship may help you later in life.

Any Recent Accomplishment You Would Like to Share? 

I'm truly honored and humbled to serve as the Vice President for CULYP. The growth of our organization, the positive momentum we continue to have, the friendships I've made. I'm fortunate to not only be apart of this organization, but to help lead for many great things ahead.

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