C. Harris Head Shot.jpg

Chevonne Harris, Communication Consultant & Professional Journalist for PMM Agency

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Alma Mater/Area of Study: University of Toledo, Bachelor of Arts & Northwestern University, Masters of Journalism

Why Did You Join CULYP? 

CULYP was a welcomed disruption to my busy work life. In the midst of grinding, work travel and late nights at the office, I realized my professional networks and development didn't extend too far past my office walls. Joining the CULYP board allowed me forge new connections with our YPs in the city while also serving as the perfect professional outlet.

Quote to Live By or Your Personal Tagline

"For I know the plans I have for you." The One & Only Jesus Christ

What is Your Favorite Thing To Do or Favorite Place to go in Columbus?

Columbus Metropolitan Main Library & Upper Cup Coffee — Both have the absolute best writing spaces.

What Book Are You Currently Reading or What is Currently on Your Playlist?

"Creative Quest" – Questlove

What is the Best Piece of Career Advice You Have Ever Received?

I've received some great professional tidbits over the years but what I've found to be consistent (and increasingly true) is to outwork everyone, take chances, bounce back from mistakes, stay grateful and build meaningful relationships. Also, do what you love and nothing more. A passion and purpose-driven life is a life worth living. What makes you get out of the bed each day? Do that. What puts and keeps a smile on your face? Do that. What type of work is spiritually rewarding and brings contentment beyond bi-weekly deposits into your bank account? Do that. Life is too short to devote 40hrs+ each week to anything less than what you love so...do that.

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