CULYP Standing Committees

Civic & Community Engagement

CULYP is committed to serving the local community, increasing the civic knowledge, participation and activism of young professionals and connecting them to opportunities to play a part in addressing the economic, educational, cultural and health needs of the Greater Columbus community through our civic & community engagement initiatives.

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Commitment without cash is counterfeit and CULYP is committed to Giving Back and Giving Young! We actively educate and empower young professionals to exercise philanthropy and become key stakeholders in the advancement and success of our community with not only their time and talent, but most importantly their treasure. As an organization, we exercise philanthropy through our annual Affiliate Give to the Columbus Urban League and our Change for Change Education Scholarship.

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Education Initiatives

CULYP is committed to building a strong and intentional connection between youth and young professionals in the community and establishing ways that we can support and prepare the younger generation. Through our Education Initiatives, we endeavor to support existing Columbus Urban League Education & Youth Services and Programming as well as develop new and unique programs and activities that connect YP's to the youth through mentorship and much more. CULYP is also committed to maintaining an active presence on local college campuses, engage young college students and serve as a strong base of support for mentorship, internships and future employment.

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The Marketing Committee is charged with leading all communications and marketing efforts of CULYP. This committee is responsible for maintaining CULYP's web presence, implementing technology strategies to advance the organization, and managing the external image and brand of the organization including the CULYP website, e-newsletter, social media properties, media relations, and much more.

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The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of young professionals interested in joining CULYP. We are committed to growing an engaged membership through new member orientations and appreciation events. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate member participation within our organization and NULYP.

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Social & Cultural Events

CULYP endeavors to enhance the urban young professional experience in the City of Columbus by developing and coordinating unique opportunities for young professionals to meet and share experiences through events, such as parties, networking events, and much more.

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Personal & Professional Development

CULYP is committed to empowering young professionals to lead fulfilling careers and lives by providing unparalleled learning and development experiences. We believe that the first step in strengthening our communities is by relying on each other to provide the knowledge and assistance necessary to prosper in our endeavors. The PPD Committee is charged with providing access to opportunities and resources – people, ideas and places as well as developing and identifying an array of interactive and engaging programs and workshops that will help members to achieve professional and personal goals.

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